Typically, between 20 and 25% of graduating seniors enroll immediately in a graduate or professional school program.  Many work for a year or two before enrolling.  But within ten years of graduation, well over three-quarters of alumni report that they have enrolled in some graduate-level program.

Class of:Percent
2013 (Seniors)*   20%
2012 (After 1 year)   33%
2008 (After 5 years)   68%
2003 (After 10 years)   81%
Source: as reported on spring 2013 Senior and Alumni Surveys. (*The 2013 Senior Survey was administered before Commencement and before many seniors had final plans.)

For a longer perspective, the data below was reported in the 2009 Carleton Alumni Survey of all living alumni:

Class EraPercent
1930s and 40s56%
Mean for all respondents: 81%

Carleton Alumni 1990 to Present

(Source:  Alumni database .  Tables show the show top schools attended by alumni for major degree programs.  The information is as reported by alumni, and although the database is by no means complete, it does provide our best indicator of the types of graduate programs that our alumni attend.  Note that a record of attendance does not guarantee that a degree was actually completed. Some degrees are currently in progress, and/or alumni many not have informed us that the degree has been completed.)

Top 50 Institutions where Carleton Graduates have Enrolled for Graduate Study (Class of 1990 to present)

Institutions Enrolling the Most Carleton Graduates for Selected Graduate Programs (Class of 1990 to present)

Alumni Graduate Enrollments in Graduate Degree Programs, by Graduate Field of Study  (Class of 1960 to present)

Carleton Graduates 1966 to 2016

Academic Doctorates Earned by Carleton Graduates

Major Fellowships or Grants

Major fellowships or grants awarded to Carleton students and alumni (table by year of award)