First Look at 2016 Graduates (Senior Survey, June 2016)

     Employers of Class of 2016 Graduates

     Position Titles of Class of 2016 Graduates

Seniors with Known Plans: 

ActivityN% of respondents
Full-time employment18472%
Part-time employment229%
Graduate education (FT or PT)187%
Other activities, travel, etc.3313%
Seeking employment156%
Source: 2016 Senior Survey (62% response rate). Percentages total to over 100% because some report engagement in multiple activities. (Many had not yet finalized plans in June when the survey closed.)

Employment of 2015 Graduates:

We used the Alumni Database, Career Center and LinkedIn to find the initial employment of the Class of 2015:

     Employers of Class of 2015 Graduates

     Position Titles of Class of 2015 Graduates

One Year From Graduation (Class of 2014):

We surveyed graduates of the Class of 2014 in the spring of 2015 about what they were currently doing:

ActivityN% of respondents
Full-time employment16073%
Part-time employment2311%
Graduate education (FT or PT)3817%
Other activities, travel, etc.3615%
Seeking employment156%
Source: 2015 Alumni Survey (48% response rate). Percentages total to over 100% because some report engagement in multiple activities. Employment (FT or PT) is 91%, excluding those who said that they were also students.

Carleton Graduates Since the Class of 1990:

Alumni employment for Carleton graduates since 1990, as recorded in the alumni database. Note that most of the information is self-reported, and some of the information may be out of date.

1) the broad industry sector of the employer both overall and for STEM majors;

2) the field of work (five plus pages, please view before printing) that the graduate does for the employer

3) the most common job functions of our graduates.

Carleton alumni work for over ten thousand employers. The most common employers are listed in the below document:

       Most Common Employers of Carleton Alumni 

About 35 employers employ more than 10 Carleton graduates; over 5,000 others employ fewer than 10 graduates.

Peace Corps Volunteers:  Carleton is usually ranked by the Peace Corps as among the top 25 small colleges (enrollment under 5,000) with the greatest number of Peace Corps volunteers.  In the most recent report (2016), Carleton ranked 4th among small colleges, with 13 active volunteers entering in 2015.  From past data provided by the Peace Corps, we estimate that over 590 alumni have served as volunteers since its founding.