The “Carleton College Core Strategic Indicators” is an Adobe Acrobat two-page trend table with a decade of about 60 of the “most frequently requested” statistics about Carleton College. Core strategic indicators have been identified after conversations with senior staff, trustees, and other institutional research organizations. It is intended to provide at a glance a very broad overview of the state of the College. The indicators are derived from sources that are published in public sources or that are typically available on request from the College.

Most Recent Update:  Academic Years 2005-06 through 2014-15

Archive: 1999-2000 through 2009-10


  • Do a “print preview” before printing; you may need to set your local printer to print in landscape mode.
  • Indicators are grouped by categories: Enrollment, Admissions, Graduation and Retention, Faculty, Fees and Financial Aid, Finance, Voluntary Support, and Endowment.
  • The file contains the most recent final and official numbers available. Note that in some cases, figures may not be available, or they depend upon end of fiscal year reporting. Figures that are not final for the current academic year are reported as “TBD”. This file will be updated on an annual basis by the IRA staff.
  • For a much larger set of statistics about the College, see the Common Data Set Trends file. This contains a trend summary of what the College has reported on the Common Data Set survey that is used in publishing major college guidebooks.