Retention and Graduation Rate Trends

Overall Retention (Chart) Excerpt from the Management Metrics displaying first-year full-time to sophomore cohort retention rate trends.

Overall 4 and 6-Year Graduation Rates (Chart) Excerpt from the Management Metrics displaying 4 and 6-year first-time full-time cohort graduation rates.

Four-year Graduation Rates by Race/Ethnicity (Chart) Excerpt from the Management Metrics displaying first-time full-time 4-year cohort graduation rate trends by federal race and ethnicity identities.

Graduation Rates by Parental Income (Chart) Excerpt from the Management Metrics displaying graduation first-time full-time cohort graduation rates by parental income groups.

Graduation and Retention by Legal Sex and Racial/Ethnic Status (Archival)

The following tables (in .pdf format) provide the most recent graduation and retention trends for first-time, first-year entering student cohorts (with allowable adjustments). Tables are broken out by legal sex and racial/ethnic status.

Carleton aims for a retention rate of no less than 90% from the first to second year, and for a six-year graduation rate of no less than 85%.

First-year to Sophomore Retention

Four-year Graduation Rate

Six-year Graduation Rate (150% of normal time to completion)

Graduation Rates by Financial Aid Category

Carleton’s disclosure of graduation rates by for students receiving Pell grants, subsidized Stafford loan (but no Pell), and neither Pell grant nor subsidized Stafford loan.  (This is required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.)  Note: Financial aid status is as recorded in the students’ first term. Students who receive neither subsidized Stafford loans nor Pell grant may have received other financial aid, or no aid.

Four-year through Eight-year Graduation Rates