Carleton uses a core strategic planning peer group of Carleton and 25 similar liberal arts colleges.  Click “IR” to link to Institutional Research websites where available.  The “College Navigator” links point to the most recent information provided by the colleges on the U.S. Department of Education’s web site.

Core Peer Group

Peer Institution IR WebsiteFederally Reported Data
AmherstCollegeIRCollege Navigator
Bates CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Beloit CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Bowdoin CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Bryn Mawr CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Carleton CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Colorado CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Davidson CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Dickinson CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Grinnell CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Hamilton CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Haverford CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Kenyon CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Lake Forest College IRCollege Navigator
Macalester CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Middlebury CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Oberlin CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Pomona CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Reed CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Smith CollegeIRCollege Navigator
St. Olaf CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Swarthmore CollegeIRCollege Navigator
College of Wooster College Navigator
Wellesley CollegeIRCollege Navigator
Wesleyan UniversityIRCollege Navigator
Williams CollegeIRCollege Navigator

Carleton is also a member of several higher education consortia as listed below. While not all consortia members are considered to be peers for comparative purposes, the major groups are listed below for reference purposes.

Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium

Carleton is a member of the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium, which consists of more than one hundred small, private, nonprofit institutions around the country that are committed to sharing and using information to more fully enact their missions and promote effective liberal arts education. [HEDS members list]

Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE) Colleges

COFHE CollegeIR WebsiteFederally Reported Data
AmherstIRCollege Navigator
BarnardIRCollege Navigator
BowdoinIRCollege Navigator
Bryn MawrIRCollege Navigator
CarletonIRCollege Navigator
MiddleburyIRCollege Navigator
Mt. HolyokeIRCollege Navigator
OberlinIRCollege Navigator
PomonaIRCollege Navigator
SmithIRCollege Navigator
SwarthmoreIRCollege Navigator
TrinityIRCollege Navigator
WellesleyIRCollege Navigator
WesleyanIRCollege Navigator
WilliamsIRCollege Navigator

Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM)

ACM CollegeIR WebsiteFederally Reported Data
BeloitIRCollege Navigator
CarletonIRCollege Navigator
Coe College Navigator
ColoradoIRCollege Navigator
Cornell CollegeIRCollege Navigator
GrinnellIRCollege Navigator
KnoxIRCollege Navigator
Lake Forest College Navigator
Lawrence UIRCollege Navigator
LutherIRCollege Navigator
MacalesterIRCollege Navigator
Monmouth College Navigator
Ripon College Navigator
St. OlafIRCollege Navigator

Selective Liberal Arts Consortium (SLAC)

SLAC CollegeIR WebsiteCollege Navigator
Bryn MawrIRCollege Navigator
CarletonIRCollege Navigator
Claremont McKennaIRCollege Navigator
ColoradoIRCollege Navigator
DavidsonIRCollege Navigator
DickinsonIRCollege Navigator
Franklin & MarshallIRCollege Navigator
GrinnellIRCollege Navigator
HaverfordIRCollege Navigator
KenyonIRCollege Navigator
OberlinIRCollege Navigator
PomonaIRCollege Navigator
VassarIRCollege Navigator
Washington & LeeIRCollege Navigator

Minnesota Private Colleges Council (MPCC)

MPCC CollegeIR WebsiteCollege Navigator
Augsburg College Navigator
Bethany Lutheran College Navigator
BethelIRCollege Navigator
CarletonIRCollege Navigator
College of St. BenedictIRCollege Navigator
College of St. CatherineIRCollege Navigator
College of St. ScholasticaIRCollege Navigator
Concordia, MoorheadIRCollege Navigator
Concordia, St. Paul College Navigator
Gustavus AdolphusIRCollege Navigator
HamlineIRCollege Navigator
MacalesterIRCollege Navigator
Minneapolis C. of Art & Design College Navigator
St. John'sIRCollege Navigator
St. Mary's U of MinnesotaIRCollege Navigator
St. OlafIRCollege Navigator
University of St. ThomasIRCollege Navigator