Peer InstitutionAssociationsIR WebsiteFederally Reported Data
AmherstPeer, COFHE, LACOLIRCollege Navigator
AugsburgMPCCIRCollege Navigator
BarnardCOFHEIRCollege Navigator
BatesPeerIRCollege Navigator
BeloitPeer, ACMIRCollege Navigator
Bethany LutheranMPCCCollege Navigator
BethelMPCCIRCollege Navigator
BowdoinPeerIRCollege Navigator
Bryn MawrPeer, COFHE, SLACIRCollege Navigator
CarletonIRCollege Navigator
Claremont McKennaSLAC, LACOLIRCollege Navigator
CoeACMCollege Navigator
College of St. CatherineMPCCIRCollege Navigator
College of St. ScholasticaMPCCIRCollege Navigator
College of WoosterPeerIRCollege Navigator
ColoradoPeer, ACM, SLACIRCollege Navigator
Concordia, MoorheadMPCCIRCollege Navigator
Concordia, St. PaulMPCCIRCollege Navigator
Cornell CollegeACMIRCollege Navigator
DavidsonPeer, SLACIRCollege Navigator
DickinsonPeer, SLACIRCollege Navigator
Franklin & MarshallSLACIRCollege Navigator
GrinnellPeer, ACM, SLACIRCollege Navigator
Gustavus AdolphusMPCCIRCollege Navigator
HamiltonPeerIRCollege Navigator
HamlineMPCCIRCollege Navigator
HaverfordPeer, SLAC, LACOLIRCollege Navigator
KenyonPeer, SLACIRCollege Navigator
KnoxACMIRCollege Navigator
Lake ForestPeer, ACMCollege Navigator
Lawrence UACMIRCollege Navigator
LutherACMIRCollege Navigator
MacalesterPeer, ACM, MPCCIRCollege Navigator
MiddleburyPeerIRCollege Navigator
Minneapolis C. of Art & DesignMPCCCollege Navigator
MonmouthACMCollege Navigator
Mt. HolyokeCOFHEIRCollege Navigator
OberlinPeer, COFHE, SLACIRCollege Navigator
PomonaPeer, COFHE, SLAC, LACOLIRCollege Navigator
ReedPeerIRCollege Navigator
RiponACMCollege Navigator
SmithPeer, COFHEIRCollege Navigator
St. John'sMPCCIRCollege Navigator
St. Mary's U of MinnesotaMPCCIRCollege Navigator
St. OlafACM, MPCCIRCollege Navigator
SwarthmorePeer, COFHE, LACOLIRCollege Navigator
TrinityCOFHEIRCollege Navigator
University of St. ThomasMPCCIRCollege Navigator
VassarSLAC, LACOLIRCollege Navigator
Washington & LeeSLACIRCollege Navigator
WellesleyPeer, COFHEIRCollege Navigator
WesleyanPeer, COFHEIRCollege Navigator
WilliamsPeer, COFHE, LACOLIRCollege Navigator

Peer: Carleton’s Core Peer Group

COFHE: Consortium on Financing Higher Education

ACM: Associated Colleges of the Midwest

SLAC: Selective Liberal Arts Consortium

MPCC: Minnesota Private Colleges Council

LACOL: Liberal Arts Consortium for Online Learning