Two steps are required for all team registrations:

  1. Captains must connect with the IM CZAR of the sport that they intend to sign up for on or before Friday, Jan. 14 at noon.
  2. A roster must be submitted via the web form below.

If you don’t have a team, use the Free Agency sign-up to join an existing team!

Captain’s Information

Updated: Captains requirements include emailing the league leaders by Friday, Jan. 14, at noon. League leaders are:

Please Note:

  • Registration for IM Sports must be received by the deadline date discussed by league Czars and Captain’s.
  • Initial rosters are due by noon on the deadline date via this web form only — no paper forms!
  • Czars must be notified of roster changes. No changes will be allowed after the 3rd week of the term (varies by sport). For more specific league rules and czar names, check the rules online.

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Sign In

A note about individual sign-ups: This form is designed for team sign ups, but you can still use it to sign up for an individual event! It’s a little more redundant, but just put your own information in each field. The Team Name is your name (unless you want to think up something else to call yourself), you’re the captain, and you’re the only one on the roster. Make sure you include all of the required information about yourself! Thanks!!