Whether you are looking to become a student at Carleton or you’re a continuing international student, I’m happy that you stopped by. Recognizing that the decision to study in a foreign country brings a lot of new adventures along with some challenges, my goal is to help you make the most out of your college experience by working as an advocate for international students with departments, administrative offices, and U.S. government offices.

I advise on immigration, legal, employment, financial, and personal matters.  There are some tasks, like filing taxes or looking for employment, that may seem overwhelming, but I’m here to help guide you through those things. I’ll be one of the first people that you meet at our International Student Orientation and I’ll be there after graduation to help you if you choose to work in the U.S. I also organize international programming, both logistical and cultural, to support international students. I hope that you’ll be able to join us!

My specialty is in immigration advising, but I’m happy to assist you with ANY questions that you and/or your family might have throughout your time at Carleton and beyond. International students are such an important and amazing part of the Carleton community—I love hearing about your different backgrounds and experiences. Stop by and chat with me sometime!  

While I’ll act as your primary resource, all of the Office of Intercultural & International Life (OIIL) staff are also available to support you with questions that you might have.   

Liz Cody, Assistant Director for International Services, Office of Intercultural & International Life

Contact Information for International Students

Photo of Liz Cody
Liz Cody
Assistant Director for International Services
Phone: 507 222 4013

Contact Liz about:

  • F-1 Status
  • J-1 Status
  • Work Permission: CPT, OPT, STEM OPT
  • Travel Signatures
  • Visiting Faculty
  • Taking a Leave of Absence
  • Transferring Schools
  • Invitation Letters


Photo of Brisa Zubia
Brisa Zubia ’05 Profile
Director, Intercultural and International Life
Phone: 507 222 4896

Contact Brisa about:

  • DACA Students
  • Undocumented Students
  • Collaborations
Photo of Klamesha Richards
Klamesha Richards
Assistant Director, Intercultural and International Life
Phone: 507 222 4505

Contact Klamesha about:

  • OIIL Peer Leader Program
  • Collaborations
  • OIIL Talks
  • Travel Signatures
Photo of Bruce Yang
Bruce Yang Profile
Assistant Director, Intercultural and International Life
Phone: 507 222 4014

Contact Bruce about:

  • Cultural Houses
  • Cultural Programming Board
  • OIIL Convocation Speakers
  • Travel Signatures