All international students and exchange visitors are required to enroll in the Carleton Student Health Insurance Plan. The plan includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Please follow instructions from the Student Accounts section of the Business Office on how to enroll and pay for the health insurance. Once you enroll in the plan, you must print out and keep the insurance card on you during the coverage year.  

International students who are recipients of a named scholar (e.g., Starr, Herman, Kellogg, Davis, etc.) will be reimbursed for health insurance after submission of the insurance payment receipt. 

It is very important that you provide documentation about all the required vaccinations as dictated by Minnesota State Law. As medical costs in the U.S. can be more expensive than other countries, you are strongly encouraged to get your vaccinations before your arrival in the U.S. The approximate cost for the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccination is US $85. Students who do not return the Report of Medical History form and proof of vaccination will not be permitted to register for Winter Term classes. 

Additional information about health and vaccinations can be found at the Carleton College’s Student Health and Counseling site.