Do I have to participate in the International Student Orientation?

All Named Scholars are required to participate in both the International Student Orientation and New Student Week.

Do I have to participate in the Cross Cultural Studies Concentration? 

Named Scholars are strongly encouraged to participate in the Concentration. However, students may choose any major offered at Carleton.

What other expenses are covered as a Named Scholar?

The scholarship will cover the initial SEVIS immigration fee for a named scholar, but will NOT reimburse for any visa application fees or costs associated with obtaining a student visa. The scholarship also allows for up to a $2000 travel stipend to be used within your first two years at Carleton.  This can be redeemed in the form of a single roundtrip ticket OR multiple one-way tickets.

Am I covered by health insurance? 

The Carleton Student Health Insurance Plan covers all Named Scholars. It does NOT cover expenses for dental and eyeglasses. The cost is included in your aid award.

How do I claim my travel stipend?

The Scholarships allow one economy class round trip ticket for reimbursement during the first two years of study at Carleton. Arrangements must be made through the Office of International Student Life within 60 days of your travel. You can either submit your receipt for reimbursement (PG0434) in Workday or contact the Office of International Student Life to purchase the ticket on your behalf.

Is my scholarship renewable? 

Yes, your scholarship will be renewed automatically each year (for a total of 4 years) assuming you are making satisfactory academic progress at Carleton. Also, note that additional scholarship assistance is not available after you enroll at Carleton.  All scholarship commitments are made upon entrance to the College.

Do I need to maintain a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) to renew my scholarship? 

To maintain scholarship eligibility, students must meet satisfactory academic progress, which requires a 1.8 GPA in their first year and 2.0 GPA in subsequent years. They would also need to pass 67% of their classes.

Do I have to pay taxes on my scholarship or other expenses covered as a Named Scholar? 

Depending on tax regulations and treaties between a student’s country of residence and the United States, international students may have to pay taxes on any scholarships (and other benefits, including but not limited to, travel reimbursement, SEVIS fees) above and beyond the required tuition and other fees. 

Do I have to work on campus? 

The majority of students are employed in on-campus jobs; Named Scholars are expected to work the minimum hours set by the Student Financial Aid Office during the academic terms. If a student’s financial aid includes an on-campus job offer but the scholar chooses not to work then the student will not earn the work funding.

Am I allowed to take a Leave of Absence? 

With the permission of the Dean of Students you may take one leave for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms. While you are on leave your scholarship will be suspended and reinstated upon your return to campus.

What if I have to go on Medical Leave? 

While you are on medical leave your scholarship will be suspended and reinstated upon your return.

What if I want to withdraw? 

Once you withdraw from the institution you lose your scholarship.

What if I have been dismissed? 

As with withdrawal, you would lose your scholarship under those circumstances.

What if I have been suspended? 

Students who have been suspended may apply for readmission through the Dean of Students Office and reinstatement of their scholarship.

What happens if I have to fulfill a military service requirement in my home country? 

Named Scholars are not allowed to interrupt their four years of study at Carleton College in order to fulfill their military service obligation. Students who decide not to defer their service until after graduation will lose their scholarship. However, they may apply for readmission to Carleton if they personally fund their studies.

May I live off-campus? 

Carleton is a residential college and as a Named Scholar you may not apply for off-campus housing. It is an expectation of the scholarship that you will contribute to the Carleton community while you live on campus.

Can I go on an Off-Campus Study Program? 

Named Scholars are eligible to participate in any Carleton-sponsored Off-Campus Study Programs. The scholarship can cover tuition, required fees, and living expenses but students will be required to personally fund travel and additional costs associated with the program. College loan funds, which must be repaid later, may be available upon request to help with these additional expenses. Scholarship funds can also be used for one (1) non-Carleton sponsored program. Scholars who want to participate in non-Carleton or non-Consortial/Affiliated Programs that are equivalent to one Carleton academic year may petition to do so.

Can I participate in the 3-2 Programs in Engineering and Nursing, and the 3-3 Program in Law?

These programs require 3 years study at Carleton, and either 2 or 3 years at the participating schools, leading to a B.A. degree from Carleton and a B.S. or law degree from the second school. Your scholarship does not fund the non-Carleton component of those programs; however, you may participate if you are able to fund them personally.

Will the scholarship pay for private lessons in the Music Department? 

There are funds available for music lessons that are not part of your named scholarship; they are limited to one applied music lesson per term and Named Scholars are eligible for them. Either grant or loan funds will be made available to students who apply.

What happens if I have to go home because of an emergency? 

We have an emergency fund and we would help you in every way possible.

What happens if I have to stay at Carleton during the winter break, spring break, or the summer? 

It is the student’s responsibility to secure campus housing through residential life and campus employment on their own. It is also the student’s responsibility to cover any break housing costs. 

Do I have to return to my home country after studying at Carleton? 

Carleton College hopes that Named Scholars will return to their home countries or region after either graduating from Carleton, working on OPT/ Academic Training, and/or participating in a postgraduate program.

What happens if I cannot get a visa? 

The Office of Intercultural and International Life assists students in the visa application process. If a student cannot secure a visa in a timely fashion the scholarship and admission to Carleton would be withdrawn or admission might be deferred depending on the circumstances.

What happens if I change my immigration status? 

Only students on non-immigrant visas are eligible for the International Named Scholarships. If you become a citizen or permanent resident of the United States your scholarship will be discontinued. However, you could apply for and become eligible for federal grants, loans, and scholarships.


For additional information, please contact:  

Liz Cody, Director of International Life
Office of International Student Life
Email:    Phone: +1-507-222-4013