There is no separate application process for these scholarship programs:

Starr Scholarship Program

Through a generous grant from the Starr Foundation, Carleton is able to offer scholarship assistance to qualified students from Asia for four years of study at Carleton. The scholarship will provide up to the full comprehensive fee, which includes tuition, fees, room, board, Carleton health insurance, and one round trip ticket.

To apply for a Starr Scholarship, a student should complete an application for admission to Carleton or the Common Application and request consideration for financial aid.

Kellogg Scholarship Program

The Kellogg Scholarship is long-standing at Carleton; it provides assistance to non-U.S. citizens who are not permanent residents toward their expenses at Carleton.

Named Scholarship (Starr, Kellogg, Davis) FAQ

For additional information see Frequently Asked Questions about Named Scholarships.

George Scholarship Program

The George Scholarships are for students from developing nations who demonstrate financial need and exceptional academic potential and promise.

To apply for George and Kellogg scholarships students need only to complete the application for admission and request consideration for financial aid.

Scholarship Application Process

For the application process please proceed to our Admissions site, where you will find resources specifically for International Students.