Notice to International First-Year Applicants:

Carleton has always welcomed Early Decision applications from international students who are not requesting any financial assistance. However, we have traditionally asked students applying for international scholarships to use our Regular Decision option to allow all applicants to be considered at one time for scholarship assistance. Due to increased demand, Carleton will consider a few exceptionally qualified international scholarship applicants for Early Decision. This decision is binding and the student must withdraw all other applications once they have accepted Carleton’s offer of admission. During Early Decision a very limited number of full and partial international student scholarships will be awarded.

Students who have applied to Carleton via Early Decision will either be admitted, denied, or rolled over to the Regular Decision pool. Many highly qualified candidates may be rolled over to Regular Decision since the majority of our international scholarships will continue to be awarded via the Regular Decision process. Students who are moved into the Regular Decision pool will no longer be subject to Carleton’s binding Early Decision plan and can apply to other colleges and universities.

Students who are admitted with an international scholarship via Regular Decision will have until May 1 to confirm their acceptance. Failure to notify Carleton by this deadline may result in loss of the scholarship.

The following links to Admissions will help you gather information and apply.

Remember that to receive any financial assistance from Carleton, you will need to complete the Financial Aid application form. We strongly recommend that you consider completing the form as your financial aid package is set once you have accepted admission into Carleton.

Admissions Links