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  • Great Scotts

    Keeping Carleton Affordable: Fall 2017

    Carleton is practically a member of the family to Dawn Scott Grench ’83, who grew up in Northfield and can count more than 30 relatives as fellow Carleton alumni—stretching from her grandfather, Irvin Scott from the Class of 1909, to her daughter Eva Grench, Class of 2019.

  • Leaders of the PAC

    Spotlight on Volunteers: Spring 2017

    Simon Foster and Nikki Sorum know talent when they see it. Having served as corporate executives for much of their professional careers, they’ve scoured the globe to connect exceptional employees to a variety of top-flight firms.

  • Interdisciplinary Support

    Strength in the Sciences: Winter 2017

    It’s a testament to Carleton’s liberal arts mission that two of the most generous alumni donors to science education are an English major and a history major.

  • Sister Act

    Music on Campus: Spring 2016

    Both music and Carleton are family traditions for flautist Mimi Garbisch Carlson ’66, violinist Marsha Garbisch Harbison ’67, and violinist and musical ambassador Marlou Garbisch Johnston ’64.

  • Beyond Her Backyard

    Financial Aid: Spring 2015

    With help from a Fritch scholarship, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants finds her place at Carleton.

  • Thinking Big

    The Annual Fund: Fall 2014

    As cochairs of their 30th reunion gift committee, Ken Harvey ’84 and Sue Barclay Harvey ’84 wanted to set an example for their classmates.