A Community of Giving

2 June 2022

With gratitude, Carleton celebrates those who support the college at every level.

Gould Society

elderly couple sitting on a couch smiling
Beach Hall ’53 and Kellie (Kalivoda) Hall ’53*

Recognizes all alumni who have made gifts in three or more consecutive years to the Alumni Annual Fund, with some having supported Carleton for more than five decades. The society is named after former beloved President Laurence McKinley Gould.

Not only did Carleton provide us a great education, but Northfield was where we found each other. In our thankfulness for giving us the basis for an active, enjoyable, and successful life, we show our gratitude by providing funds for others to have the same experience. Giving to the Annual Fund is a reminder of that connection. We have always served our alma mater in many ways through the years and have been to every reunion starting with our 25th; we hope to be at our 70th in 2023.

– Beach Hall ’53 and Kellie (Kalivoda) Hall ’53*, Donors since 1983

Three Oaks Society

John Smith-Ricco ’07
John Smith-Ricco ’07

Recognizes leadership giving beginning at $2,500 or more, with differing levels for alumni within nine years of graduation. Together, Three Oaks Society members contribute more than 70 percent of all Annual Fund gifts donated to Carleton each year.

I would not have been able to attend Carleton without the help of need-based scholarships funded by generous alums—so I choose to pay it forward. I hope my gift helps someone else have this amazing education and a chance at making lifelong friends. In the absence of support, Carleton could not admit middle- and lower-income students without burdening them with crushing levels of debt. In a world of increasing wealth concentration and declining college affordability, I’m proud to support Carleton.

– John Smith-Ricco ’07, Donor since 2007

*Kellie (Kalivoda) Hall ’53: Sadly, just after the above photo was taken, Kellie passed away. Beach asked us to include it to honor her memory.

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