Donor Profile

14 April 2021

Brodie Mutschler ’24

Brodie Mutschler ’24

What inspired your contribution to the Alumni Annual Fund?

I’m so impressed with many people at Carleton, but the faculty in particular. When I missed a class, I got an email that asked, “Where were you, what’s going on, can I help?” It’s touching to know that a professor is invested in you as a person. In my first days on campus, during varsity soccer preseason, I hurt my knee and couldn’t play. But Coach [Bob] Carlson and the boys were incredibly kind and made sure I felt welcome and was a part of the team. If I can do a little something to contribute and foster that sort of community it seems worthwhile.

Why did you decide to be a donor while you’re still a student?

If I could make a difference now, I knew I had to start. It’s also interesting to be on campus and see how things change. Also, coming from a sheltered private school in Wisconsin, I learned more in my first American studies class at Carleton than I did in all of my previous 18 years. And while I know no institution is perfect, at the end of the day Carleton is trying its best to give everyone an inclusive experience. If my giving can in any way help alter other people’s experiences for the better, then I think that’s a responsibility I need to take seriously as a student and as a member of the community.

What would you say to someone considering a first-time gift?

Carleton meets 100 percent of financial aid but is not 100 percent need blind. Donating helps eliminate the funding deficit that prevents Carleton from being open to everyone, irrespective of socioeconomic status. As a student, I get to see the impact.