Launching Great Lives

4 March 2019
Two smiling students sit on a couch beneath a cotton cloud
Jared Margolis ’21 and Javin White ’20

Preparing students for fulfilling lives and careers is a key initiative of the Every Carl for Carleton campaign.

Commencement may feel like the culmination of a Carleton education, but in truth it’s a new beginning, says Carleton president Steve Poskanzer. What happens after graduation is the real-world application of all our students have learned—and how well the college has prepared them for successful careers and meaningful lives.

“Carleton aims to be the best of liberal arts colleges in helping students find their passions and channel them into brilliant careers and fulfilling personal lives,” Poskanzer says.

Hands-on, experiential learning will receive special focus. “We want every student to have the opportunity to engage in internships, externships, and research experiences while at Carleton,” Poskanzer says. “All students need to have access to these opportunities, regardless of cost or financial need. That means we’re going to need significant support and engagement.”

To that end, the Every Carl for Carleton campaign aims to raise $35 million to fund internships and research positions, support advising, and help students explore the many possible futures a Carleton education can open to them.

“A liberal arts approach provides the best, most comprehensive foundation for life after graduation,” Poskanzer says. “Some liberal arts colleges may not pay careful attention to the career aspect of a student’s educational experience. But Carleton does and will expand its commitment to do so.”

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