Carls Abroad

4 March 2019

Off-campus study programs have long been part of the Carleton experience—but today’s Carls are doing research, fellowships, and internships abroad as well.

Mentored Research

illustration of a river, birds, and a person with a clipboard

Jonathan Elwell ’19 examined the tension between environmental and economic interests in a hydroelectric dam project in Bolivia’s Madidi National Park.


illustration of solar panels with different international flags on them

Erik Lagerquist ’19 and Nyla Worker ’19 visited solar energy companies in China, Indonesia, and Thailand to compare their strategies.


illustration of the paris skyline with a group of people and tents in the foreground

Laura Kiernan ’20 interned at Utopia58 in Paris, where she connected migrants and refugees with resources and found a theme for her comps project.

Off-Campus Study

illustration of people looking at a mosque in a city

A group of students visited Senegal over winter break in between a fall course on the country’s colonial past and a winter course on its current cosmopolitan culture.

Carleton helped fund student work in 34 countries during the 2017–18 academic year:

illustration of a globe

Off-Campus Study [O]

illustrated icon of an atom

Research [R]

illustrated icon of a pencil

Internship [I]

illustrated icon of a museum-style building with columns

Fellowship [F]

  • Argentina [I]
  • Bangladesh [O]
  • Belarus [F]
  • Bolivia [F]
  • Cambodia [I, F]
  • Cameroon [I, F]
  • Canada [R]
  • China [O, I, F]
  • Ethiopia [O]
  • France [O, I]
  • Germany [O, I, F]
  • Guatemala [O]
  • Indonesia [F]
  • Italy [O]
  • Japan [O, I]
  • Jordan [I]
  • Lebanon [R, F]
  • Lithuania [F]
  • Malaysia [F]
  • Myanmar [I]
  • Netherlands [F]
  • New Zealand [O]
  • Peru [R, F]
  • Poland [R, F]
  • Romania [O]
  • Russia [O]
  • Somalia [F]
  • South Africa [I, F]
  • Spain [O, R, F]
  • Taiwan [F]
  • Tasmania [O]
  • Thailand [F]
  • United Kingdom [O, R, I, F]
  • United States [O, R, I, F]