Balancing Act

9 December 2019

Every Carl for Carleton is designed to ensure access for all.

Four students balance on a gigantic see-saw
L–R: Katie Chavez ’20, Julian White-Davis ’23, Luisa Escosteguy ’23, and Abi Goldenberg ’22

Earlier this fall, the Carleton College Voice sat down for a roundtable with Art Rodriguez ’96, Carleton’s new dean of admissions, and his predecessor, Paul Thiboutot. The first thing they were asked to do was define access, which is a watchword for Every Carl for Carleton.

“We’re trying to create a community at a small residential college that, as much as possible, reflects society at large,” Rodriguez said. “To build that community, we have to pay attention to the financial components involved.”

“It’s not just about tuition, it’s about making sure that every student has access to the entire Carleton experience,” added Thiboutot. “If we have a program for students to study abroad, it’s no different from when we have an event on campus. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to take advantage of the experience.”

Every. Student.

Like access, these are two words you’ll encounter again and again in this issue, as you read about the inspiring, aspirational alumni whose commitment and generosity of spirit have both informed and fueled Every Carl for Carleton and its “Four Pillars for Success”: enrolling the best students, no matter their economic circumstance; investing in the people, resources, and facilities necessary for first-rate teaching and learning; bolstering the annual fund, essential to the college’s operations today and tomorrow; and ensuring that all students can take advantage of the advising, faculty-student research opportunities, and off-campus internship experiences so essential to life and career.

As President Steven Poskanzer emphasized at last year’s launch of the $400 million capital campaign: “As much as we can, we try to level the playing field for students once they get to Carleton.”