Four Pillars for Success: Bolstering the Annual Fund

20 November 2018

$56 Million

Chart showing the projected growth of the annual fund from 2012 ($7.5M) to 2021 ($10M)

Every year, gifts to the annual fund provide a critical 6 percent of the college’s yearly operating budget, underwriting expenses all across the college. Annual fund support is essential to ensure that our students push their intellectual boundaries, develop timeless skills, pursue their passions, cultivate well-rounded lives, and explore how their academic and personal interests may intersect with the real world.

Unrestricted dollars, such as those in the annual fund, give Carleton the flexibility to adapt to the most pressing needs and developing circumstances. This allows the college to remain nimble in managing its finances, providing an education to rival the best schools in the country despite having a smaller endowment.

Carleton’s proud tradition of giving, cultivated by Alumni Annual Fund volunteers, has helped propel alumni giving to high levels each year. In the past five years, the fund has grown from $7.5 million per year to more than $9 million. Our goal is to exceed $10 million in annual giving from alumni, parents, and friends by 2021—the equivalent of earnings from an extra $200 million of endowment.