An Ambitious Goal

20 November 2018

On October 26, 2018, Carleton College announced the launch of Every Carl for Carleton, a $400 million comprehensive campaign—the most ambitious in Carleton’s history.

Cover image of the Fall 2018 issue

The Every Carl for Carleton campaign is crucial to the success of future generations of Carls, says President Steven Poskanzer. “We’re asking every Carl and friend of Carleton to help us remain accessible and affordable to the best students who deserve to be here,” he says, “and to ensure we’re preparing them for lives and careers after they graduate. We need to ensure that our curriculum stays vibrant and that the facilities in which learning and discovery take place are as exceptional as our students and faculty members.”

The campaign theme was not chosen lightly. “There are moments in the life of an institution where the entire community must come together to help the place they love achieve its highest aspirations,” Poskanzer says. “This is one of those times. We’re asking everyone who’s been touched by this place to step forward.”

“We must come together to help the place we love achieve its highest aspirations.”
Steven Poskanzer, Carleton President

Carleton’s core purpose has not wavered since 1866. Since its founding, Carleton has cultivated an environment that challenges the intellect, instills creativity, and builds character. Every Carl—from every era—has helped shape the college today as a distinctive academic institution of the highest caliber.

Also unchanging has been the need for significant philanthropic investment, stretching back to William Carleton’s generous donation in 1871. “As we look to sustain our historic strengths and build our future, we are proud to launch the Every Carl for Carleton campaign,” Poskanzer says.