Spirit of Discovery

7 February 2017

Brooks Wallin '78, board of trusteesBrooks Wallin ’78 is passionate about discovery and innovation. He embraces it every day in his role as president of Organic Stories SAS, a Paris-based manufacturer and marketer of organic food products.

As a Carleton geology major who earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MS in marine geology and geophysics from the University of Hawaii, Wallin wants to ensure a bright future for Carls with an acumen for science. He has pledged $100,000 for the new science facility—with a matching gift from another trustee raising the total to $200,000.

“Literacy in science is so valuable that it should be a requirement for all students,” Wallin says. “We are, after all, preparing students for careers far down the road from now. Those outcomes in their lives and livelihoods are highly unpredictable today. We need to give them the ability to adapt and maintain flexibility throughout their lives. Literacy in sciences globally will help accomplish that.”

Wallin’s family includes five Carleton graduates, including his son Pierre Wallin ’12. His support reflects a family tradition of generosity to the college. His parents, Win and Maxine Wallin, received the William Carleton Medal in recognition of their extraordinary support, and Win also served as chair of the Board of Trustees from 1991 to 1999.

Brooks Wallin is proud to continue that tradition. “I hope the new science complex will stimulate enthusiasm for scientific study, not only for majors but also for non-majors.”