Beyond Tuition

13 May 2015

classroom.jpgWe know that supporting students is about more than just getting them to campus. Several departmental funds help ensure that students from all socioeconomic backgrounds can enjoy the full range of what Carleton has to offer:

  • Off-Campus Studies offers grants to cover traveling expenses for students studying abroad.
  • Career Center funds compensate students who depend on income from summer jobs when they complete unpaid or low paying summer internships instead.
  • Student fellowships cover costs associated with independent study or comps projects that require resources or work beyond campus.
  • The Everett Fund and Ray Jacobson Memorial Fund help studio art majors purchase art supplies.
  • Students with a comprehensive aid package may take one section of private music lessons free each term.
  • The Carleton Student Association offers a textbook exchange to help students buy books from each other at reduced prices, and the library keeps a copy of course readings on reserve, offering students the chance to forego purchasing some books. Many courses also use books that can be purchased in a less expensive e-book format.

Contact a gift officer at 800-492-2275 to contribute to one of these funds or to establish a new one to help Carls negotiate non-tuition costs.

Give Today!

Every dollar counts, and helps Carleton provide a world-class education to deserving and talented students.

Visit to contribute through the Alumni Annual Fund, or contact a gift officer at 800-492-2275 to discuss a capital, endowed, or planned gift in support of financial aid.

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