Putting Out The Welcome Mat

15 November 2012

Hai Ngo '12Carleton hires current students and recently graduated seniors—the newest members of the alumni body—to serve as personal hosts to each Reunion class. Inside Carleton asked a handful of class hosts what the experience meant to them.

Hai Ngo ’12, St. Louis Park, Minn.

“I signed up to host the Class of ’87 because my high school English teacher, Julianne Kaster Herbert ’87, is in the class. In the chaos and celebration of Reunion, some of my favorite moments were the exchanging of stories about current and past traditions.”

Isabel Rodriguez ’12, Memphis, Tenn.

“I connected on a personal level with alumni, and I saw what my class might look like 25 years from now. I’m excited about coming to my own reunions, because I will get to see some of the people I just met this year.”

Karl Snyder ’12, Minneapolis, Minn.

“Interacting with recent alumni made me feel more confident and optimistic about my first five years after Carleton. I was impressed by the confident way they held themselves—even though they had not yet figured out their whole life plan—and by their love and respect for each other and for Carleton.”

Griffin Williams ’12, Kalamazoo, Mich.

“Reunion was a surreal experience. It’s a wonderful, encouraging glimpse into what life after Carleton will be like. Watching the 5-year alumni run and hug each other and hear the 65-year alumni talk about how they’ve never missed a reunion makes you want to commit to this place. The loyalty and excitement is powerful.”

Turner Wadington ’12, St. Charles, Ill.

“Working at Reunion was a perfect way to end my college career. It was a privilege to be among so many accomplished people, and it made me realize that Carleton is a special place. Carls really do help Carls, and the connections I made during the weekend will be a tremendous benefit as I move forward.”

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