What We Heard: A Summary

9 March 2022

Over the course of February 2022, the IDE Strategic Planning Committee opened the draft of the Plan to the Carleton community for feedback via electronic submission or virtual town hall meetings. At the end of the month, the feedback was compiled, and the topics within the purview of the Committee’s charge were grouped thematically and are presented in depth here. Where appropriate, the Plan was modified to address feedback.  All feedback will be passed along to those responsible for the Plan’s implementation.   The engagement of the Carleton community is one of our college’s greatest strengths, and we look forward to maintaining that engagement as we collectively move Carleton forward.

Some of the topics that were mentioned most frequently include: Acknowledgement of Past Wrongs; Accountability and Metrics; the Role of Alumni; Bias Incident Reporting; Burden of IDE work on Community members and their roles; Chief Diversity Officer; Center for Race, Gender, Indigeneity, and Social Justice; IDE Work in the Academic Sphere; Equity Audits; Financial Burden on Students; Funding the Plan; Language and Tone of the Plan; Legacy Admissions; Mission Statement; Carleton IDE in the wider community; Concerns about Recruitment and Retention; Timeline of Plan Implementation; Education and Training; and Student Success Programs and Retention.