Build the institutional capacity, resources, and dedicated leadership required to engage in the work of inclusion, diversity, and equity broadly, including implementing and sustaining the IDE Strategic Plan.

Objectives: 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3

Objective 1.1 Provide focused leadership that is committed to and accountable for the execution, communication, and achievement of this IDE Strategic Plan and coordinating other IDE efforts.

Strategy 1.1.1

Create an IDE office that is led by a vice president–level Chief Diversity Officer who reports to the president and is a member of the president’s senior staff, and supported with the staffing necessary to ensure the office’s success.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: Human Resources, Hiring Committee, Budget Committee, President, and Executive Search Firm.
  • Process: President appoints a hiring committee with appropriate campus representatives and community input on the Chief Diversity Officer role and responsibilities, Chief Diversity Officer hired (August 2022), determination made for proper staffing level and office staffed (January 2023).

Strategy 1.1.2

The college will provide appropriate funding to permanently support the work of the Chief Diversity Officer and their department.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: President, Budget Committee, Trustees.
  • Process: Initial budget established (August 2022), revised budget as part of regular budgeting process thereafter.

Strategy 1.1.3

Reconsider the role and function of Community Equity Diversity Inclusion (CEDI) and its relationship to the IDE office.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: CEDI, Chief Diversity Officer, President’s Cabinet.
  • Process: After appointment of Chief Diversity Officer, consultation with CEDI is held to determine the future role and function of CEDI (December 2022).

Objective 1.2 Transform our culture, practices and policies to include underrepresented voices in planning and decision-making processes and to center the ideals of IDE in all considerations.

Strategy 1.2.1

Revise Carleton’s mission statement to include more robust language that articulates the college’s commitment to IDE and that can inform revision of related policy statements.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: President, Board of Trustees, faculty, and accrediting agency.
  • Process: President appoints a review committee with appropriate campus representatives and community input that ensures the mission statement reflects the values of the institution, explicitly drawing attention to the meaningful integration of IDE into Carleton’s mission (October 2022), completion of review (June 2023), identify and update related policies and statements (June 2024).

Strategy 1.2.2

Develop and implement equity audit templates appropriate for all work units, offices, departments and programs across the college, with each unit addressing findings as part of the planning process. 

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: Human Resources, President’s Cabinet, and Chief Diversity Officer.
  • Process: Equity audit guidance developed and shared (October 2022), initial audit reports with findings and recommendations submitted to the Chief Diversity Officer (July 2023) and becoming part of a cyclical review every four to five years thereafter.

Strategy 1.2.3

Develop and provide ongoing antibias racial education for all campus groups and stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni leadership.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: Human Resources (for employees), External Relations (for alumni leaders), Dean of Students (for students), in consultation with Chief Diversity Officer, Provost (for faculty).
  • Process: Education program designed and implemented (July, 2023). 

Strategy 1.2.4

Develop clear and transparent procedures to support the community concern process.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: Dean of Students, CEDI, Chief Diversity Officer, Faculty Affairs Committee, Human Resources, Provost.
  • Process: President appoints a review committee with appropriate campus representatives and community input to develop a clear description of the procedures and communication plan posted on the Community Concern Form website (December 2022). 

Strategy 1.2.5

Set and achieve goals for the diversity of the college’s alumni leadership groups including, but not limited to, Alumni Council, Board of Trustees, and Parents Advisory Council, especially those from diverse socioeconomic and identity backgrounds.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: President, Trustee Affairs, External Relations, and Chief Diversity Officer.
  • Process: Current demographic tables for various Boards with their respective target goals published (August, 2022) and updated yearly.

Objective 1.3 Align existing planning and decision-making processes to actualize the goals of the IDE Plan.

Strategy 1.3.1

Provide opportunities each year for education in equity-minded and inclusive decision making for people holding or entering supervisory positions at all levels of the college.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: Provost (for faculty), Human Resources, Carleton Student Association (CSA) leadership, and Dean of Students, in consultation with the Chief Diversity Officer.
  • Process: Education program designed and offered (June 2023) and at least biannually thereafter.

Strategy 1.3.2

Document the decision-making framework and governance structures for the successful implementation of the IDE plan as a model for the community on how decisions are made.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: President’s Cabinet, Communications Office.
  • Process: Documentation process completed (October 2022) followed by sharing in Carleton Today and on the web (December 2022 and ongoing).

Strategy 1.3.3

Communicate the goals and objectives of the IDE plan broadly and in an ongoing manner to ensure that new and current IDE initiatives are brought into alignment.

  • (Proposed) Responsible Party: President’s Cabinet, Chief Diversity Officer.
  • Process: Executive summary of goals, objectives, and strategies posted publicly on the internal college website (April 2022); implementation updates shared regularly at Quarterly, Faculty, CSA, Board and Alumni meetings (fall 2022 and thereafter).

Goal 2: Representation

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