Carleton has begun the process of developing a Community Plan for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, with a special focus on Black experiences. The effort is currently known as the “IDE Plan.”

The Board of Trustees endorsed the creation of this plan at a special meeting on August 28. The Board, President Steve Poskanzer, and college governance groups have been working since then to develop a framework for the IDE Planning process. This framework will help ensure that the plan addresses key issues and moves the college forward in substantive and lasting ways.

Carleton College aspires to be a truly supportive and inclusive learning and work environment for every student and every member of our faculty and staff. To do so, we must develop a plan for inclusion, diversity, and equity

In this plan, Carleton must examine all of our policies, processes, cultural norms, and personal and institutional assumptions. We must ask whether they are rooted in racism, either consciously or inadvertently. And where needed we must change them in order to heal, strengthen, and even re-envision a fully inclusive community.

In undertaking this self-examination, we will consider:

  • The student academic experience;
  • The student learning/living environment outside of the classroom;
  • The experience of working at Carleton (both student work and staff/faculty workplace issues); and
  • The best institutional structures and organizational models through which to achieve our goals.

The plan will help us identify and prioritize short-term action steps as well as longer-term reforms. And we will develop appropriate metrics to measure, analyze, and track our outcomes.

In developing the IDE Plan, the Steering Group will listen to and include the views and voices of students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends across the Carleton community.

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