President Byerly in Gould Library

Stories are at the core of every community, and as the Carleton community reconvenes this year, under the new leadership of literary scholar Alison Byerly, the inauguration committee invites you to share a Carleton story with her. President Byerly’s love of reading is at the heart of her commitment to the liberal arts, and experiences of reading are at the center of a Carleton education. But books, poems, essays, and stories can also provide comfort, issue a challenge, or shift your worldview.

What book has been at the core of your Carleton life? Please tell us about a book that has mattered to you while at Carleton. Upload a video, share an audio file, or type a message — whatever is most comfortable for you! We will collect and share the stories on this website and then purchase a set of the most frequently cited works. These will fill a new “Little Free Carleton Story Core Library,” specially crafted by Professor Emeritus Cliff Clark, located outside of Nutting House.