Overview of funding opportunity 

The IEC Division invites requests for funding to support students, staff, and faculty in efforts to meet the goals of the IDE plan. The alignment between the proposed activities and the IDE plan goals is the primary criteria for evaluating proposals. Typically, requests should be for $500 or less, although under certain circumstances exceptions may be made. 

We encourage student organizations to apply for CSA funding first, and we encourage those proposing activities related to specific academic areas to request funding from the relevant academic departments first. However, receiving these funds is not conditional on having asked for or received support from other areas of campus. These funds are not intended to provide the regular budget for any group, but rather to support specific activities or efforts.  


Priority consideration will be given to funding requests made one week before the start of the term. After that, applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the funds have been exhausted. Typically, applicants will be notified of funding within 2 weeks of the submission of their application. To submit your application, you will need the following information:

  1. A brief summary about what you plan to do with these funds, and how that supports at least 1 of the following IDE plan goals:
    • Strategy 2.1.2: Support or programming for student cohort programs focused on underrepresented populations
    • Strategy 4.2.1: Campus activity where members of the community can engage in conversation with each other across groups.
    • Strategy 4.2.2: Campus activity that supports dialogue on different perspectives in the curriculum or the co-curriculum.
    • Strategy 4.2.3: Support for student leaders on campus (including coordination with peers on other campuses) in discussions of IDE initiatives and work.
    • Other (please identify and explain).
  2. A tentative detailed budget.
  3. Information about the target audience.
  4. Timeframe.

Awardee Requirements

If awarded, and after the funds received from the IEC Mini-grant have been used, recipients are required to submit:

  • A brief summary of how the funds were used, and how successfully supported the IDE goal identified in the application. If the grant was used for more than one activity, a brief summary must be submitted per activity.
  • Photos of the event that can be used to promote this opportunity.

QuestBridge chapters reunion sponsored by the IDE mini-grant