Community Resource Groups (CRGs) are members of the Carleton community who share a similar identity and wish to come together as a community. These groups are open to anyone who shares those identities as well as allies who wish to support the group’s mission, vision, and values. The Division of Inclusion, Equity and Community and Human Resources are collaborating in this effort, with Dina Zavala and Kerstin Cardenas as co-leaders.

CRGs as part of the IDE Plan

Ongoing IDE education is part of the IDE plan as follow:

Strategy 3.1.4 Establish priorities to allow for and recognize staff participation in professional development or committee work pertaining to IDE-specific initiatives. Develop strategies for allowing work time for staff development in the area of IDE.

IDE Plan: Goal 3, Objective 3, Strategy 4

At the heart of the Community Resource Groups (CRGs) program lies a mission to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of our staff and faculty who wish to connect over shared identities, experiences, and interests. By promoting a sense of community and cultural transformation, CRGs play a vital role in advancing our institution’s mission and promoting the inclusion of historically marginalized communities. To learn more about this program, please visit our FAQ tab on this page. You can also explore the Current CRGs at Carleton tab to discover more about CRGs.*

We welcome creative and innovative suggestions for new CRGs that are in line with the mission of the Carleton community and can cater to the needs of our valued staff and faculty. To share your proposal for a new CRG, simply fill out the webform below and rest assured that Dina Zavala and Kerstin Cardenas will thoroughly review your submission. Please note that while we will try our best to accommodate as many proposals as possible, the number of new CRGs approved annually will be subject to budgetary constraints.

*The College will not endorse any group that is formed on the basis of practices that discriminate against protected classes in accordance with its non-discrimination policy. Before Applying, review the information found under the “Guidelines to initiate a CRG” tab.