The Division of Inclusion, Equity, and Community (IEC) provides vision and strategic direction for policy and programming around all aspects of inclusion, equity, and community.

Dina Zavala Portrait

Vice President Dina Zavala is a key leader in the implementation of Carleton’s Community Plan for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity — a 10-year plan finalized in the spring of 2022 that seeks to improve the institutional experience of all community members and to fulfill the college’s aspirations to be an inclusive, diverse, and equitable institution in ways that are concrete and measurable.

The IDE Plan Steering Committee asserts that an inclusive, diverse, and equitable institution:

  • Has no hierarchy of human identity, background, or life circumstance, and acknowledges the harm that the historical and ongoing belief in such a hierarchy has caused and continues to cause.
  • Nurtures and draws strength from the talents, life experiences, and perspectives of all its members, and affirms that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not zero-sum processes resulting in winners and losers.
  • Ensures that all community members receive fair access to the opportunities and resources they need to thrive in their learning, work, and research.
  • Addresses the tensions that may arise between the claims of individual freedom and community expectations with transparency, respect, good-faith dialogue, and deliberation.
  • Actively and openly reflects on its processes, practices, governance, and activities — including its interactions with people beyond the institution — to ensure that they are animated by the above principles and can be modified as needed.