What are Humanities Center Fellows?

This is a new program we are piloting in 2022-2023: a cohort of 6-8 first and second year students curious about, interested in, or passionate advocates of arts and humanities at Carleton.

Why are we trying this?

We have a range of goals and aspirations for this program:

  • to enhance student understanding of and participation in Humanities Center programming
  • to create community for students interested in the arts and humanities at Carleton
  • to increase visibility of and excitement about the fields comprising the humanities broadly understood, and their impact on the world

What will the Fellows do?

Under the guidance of the Humanities Center Director and our Student Managers, Fellows will attend events together (a kick-off event in the Fall term, and then approximately three per term Winter and Spring) which are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Humanities Center or appear on our calendar. Additionally, we hope to provide some special opportunities (e.g. meeting with speakers, trips to performances or events in the Twin Cities, workshops with previous Student Research Partners, etc.) and perhaps social events.

Each fellow is paid a stipend of $300.00 for the year.

Who can be a Humanities Center Fellow?

The program is open to all first and second-year students interested in deep engagement in the arts and humanities, as well as in community with other humanities-interested students.

How will the Fellows be chosen?

The Humanities Center will seek nominations of appropriate candidates from the faculty; nominated students will be invited to submit an application form including a brief essay about their interest in and experience with humanistic fields. For those students who apply, we will ask the nominating faculty to fill out a brief OCS-like recommendation. The Humanities Center Advisory Board will then select the cohort.