Summer Research Group in History – Taking the Middle Ages Global

22 January 2024

Our team, led by Professor Victoria Morse and consisting of six Student Research Partners (Alex Wilson ‘24, Evan Orjala ‘24, Nicholas Spezia-Shwiff ‘24, Abdullah Ansar ‘25, Griffin Momsen-Hudson ‘25, and Hope Yu ‘26) worked during our five week assignment to help construct a new Carleton course: “Global Middle Ages.”

Global Middle Ages Storymanp

Student Research Partnership in Digital Arts & the Humanities: The Viking Longship Project

10 January 2024

This past summer, I embarked on a journey into the past, joining the Virtual Viking Longship Project, a collaborative initiative between Carleton College and Grinnell College, overseen by Austin Mason,…

Virtual Longship terminology

Summer Research Partnership in History – Political Engagement in the New Republic

18 October 2023

This summer, we worked with Professor Serena Zabin from the History department on a new project organizing and analyzing a database of petitions from eighteenth and nineteenth-century Virginia. The opportunity…

handwritten document from database

Summer Research Circle in German

2 October 2023

This past summer, German professors Kiley Kost, Seth Peabody, and Juliane Schicker together with History professor David Tompkins received a Humanities Center summer research circle grant to support each other…

German tram stop sign

Student Research Partnership in Digital Arts and the Humanities: Software Developer at Virtual Viking Longship Project

29 September 2023

During the summer, I had the chance to explore Virtual Reality (VR) development through the Virtual Viking Longship Project, supported by a Digital Humanities Advancement Grant. This collaboration between Carleton…

Viking Longship

Summer Research Partnership in Digital Arts and the Humanities: Virtual Viking Longship Project

29 September 2023

My role on the Virtual Viking Longship Project this summer has been to use Unity and virtual reality integration packages to provide functionality to our educational virtual reality experiences. Much…

screenshot from virtual viking longship game

Summer Research Partnership in History: Finding Voice in the Middle Ages William of Fly’s Commentary on Lamentations

27 September 2023

During the summer of 2023 working with Professor Bill North I compared two manuscripts of William of Fly’s commentary on Lamentations. William, a childhood convert from Judaism, wrote his commentary…

Image of two manuscripts side by side

Student Research Partnership in History: Comparative Analysis of 19th Century Blind Institutions in Europe

2 February 2023

In the summer of 2022 Susannah Ottaway, Professor of History, and Chris Costello ’23 traveled to Ireland to do archival research at the National Library of Ireland and the National…

image of the minute book from Molyniex Asylum 1856