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Student Research Partnership in English – Hobbesian Geometry

25 October 2023

My summer research position with Professor Tim Raylor entailed interpreting and analyzing Hobbesian Geometric Proofs. In order to do this, I began by reading a book on Hobbes that served…

geometric drawing

Student Research Partnership in English – Visiting the Heroine’s Grave: Charlotte Temple and The Coquette

20 October 2023

During the summer of 2023 Ruby Mead and I worked with Professor Jessica Leiman on her book project “Novel Pursuits: Fictionality, Reading, and the Eighteenth-Century Novel,” which explores eighteenth-century readers’…

Summer Research Partnership in History – Political Engagement in the New Republic

18 October 2023

This summer, we worked with Professor Serena Zabin from the History department on a new project organizing and analyzing a database of petitions from eighteenth and nineteenth-century Virginia. The opportunity…

handwritten document from database

Student Research Partnership in Archaeology – Fieldwork in Greece

13 October 2023

In the summer of 2023, a team of student researchers accompanied Carleton Classics Professor Jake Morton and University of Pennsylvania Professor Emerita of Classical Studies Cynthia Damon to the mountainous…

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Summer Research Partnership in Archaeology – Pompeii 1.14

11 October 2023

In the summer of 2023, I traveled to Italy to work with Dr. Jordan Rogers on the archaeological project Pompeii 1.14. The project’s title refers to our dig location, an…

Summer 2023 Pompeii 1.14 research group

Student Research Partnership in Spanish – Comparison of Translated Sources

6 October 2023

My work with Silvia explored the use of artificial intelligence for linguistic translation. Machine-assisted translation has been in development for decades, with the debut of the first significant tool, Google…

Mitch porter working on computer

Summer Research Partnership in Cinema and Media Studies: The Wandering House ~ Sonic Archive

6 October 2023

8am: Wake up, shower, brush teeth, make bed. 9am: Get breakfast–either PB&J or McDonald’s (probably McDonalds this time, since LDC is closed). 10am: Get to the Weitz, sit down in…

Student looking at quilt display

Student Research Partnership in Linguistics: Indonesian Syntax and Ellipses

4 October 2023

This summer break I worked with Professor Cati Fortin on her ongoing research project in linguistics. Our research focused on comparative deletion in Indonesian, a type of ellipsis. This is…

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Summer Research Partnership in Digital Arts and the Humanities: The Virtual Viking Longship Project

29 September 2023

In the summer of 2023, Madeline Smith ‘24, alongside her coworkers, Lily Haas, Kritika Pandit, and Jack Ochoa-Andersen, worked with Austin Mason to develop a virtual reality Viking Longship experience…

viking chest

Student Research Partnership in Digital Arts and the Humanities – Software Developer at Virtual Viking Longship Project

29 September 2023

During the summer, I had the chance to explore Virtual Reality (VR) development through the Virtual Viking Longship Project, supported by a Digital Humanities Advancement Grant. This collaboration between Carleton…

Viking Longship