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A year later: Summer 2023 New Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Circle in Action

2 May 2024

A historian, an artist, and a statistician walk into a bar….  Faculty members Rebecca Brückmann (Associate Professor of History), Jade Hoyer (Assistant Professor of Art), and Claire Kelling (Assistant Professor…

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Interdisciplinary Summer Research Circle

16 October 2023

This research circle began from the premise that despite our very different disciplines and associated methodologies, the three of us (Chloe Fandel, Geology; Jake Morton, Classics; Andrea Mazzariello, Music) could…

Summer Research Circle in German

2 October 2023

This past summer, German professors Kiley Kost, Seth Peabody, and Juliane Schicker together with History professor David Tompkins received a Humanities Center summer research circle grant to support each other…

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Contemporary Scholarship and Teaching in German Studies

19 September 2022

This past summer, the German faculty applied for a Humanities Center summer research circle to support each other in projects related to both teaching and research (and the connections between them). In…

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Settler Colonialism: Global and Local Connections

6 October 2021

Our reading circle explored the concept and practices of settler colonialism across multiple contexts: Minneapolis, Palestine, and Alaska. The texts that we read spoke to our individual research interests as well as our commitment to tracing global crises that stem from the violent displacement of Indigenous communities in both the US and abroad. We were particularly interested in interrogating how settler colonialism strengthens and maintains white supremacy in a given place (e.g., Minneapolis, Palestine) and transnationally.


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19th-20th century art and cultural change: shared scholarship

26 September 2021

Baird Jarman (Art History) and Susan Jaret McKinstry (English) both research the visual culture of the Anglo-American world during the long nineteenth century, approaching art as matter — whether material,…

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Race and Racism in Social Philosophy and Theory Across the Disciplines

10 November 2020

What should scholars and teachers do about the racism regularly encountered in the ideas, writings, and theories of intellectuals who are largely regarded as the founders of our disciplines in…

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Racial Identity and Ethnicity in the Ancient World

8 October 2020

The Classics Department’s initial application for a summer research circle was to explore current trends in the study of race and ethnicity in the ancient world. Classics (like many traditional…

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MARS Post-Modern Writing Group Research Circle

2 October 2020

Even having entered into the endeavor with enthusiasm, we (Sonja Anderson, Pierre Hecker, Jessica Keating, Yaron Klein, and William North) were surprised by just how valuable and enjoyable it proved…

“Braiding Sweetgrass” Summer Research Circle: Reflection

24 September 2020

Nancy Braker, Dan Hernández, Dan Maxbauer, and Kim Smith met over the course of the summer to discuss the book, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants, by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

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