Effective for Academic Year 2024 (fall 2023), Carleton’s Dependent Tuition Program will be extended to all benefits-eligible employees and we are adding an additional ACM tuition remission option.

Dependent Tuition Program

Carleton College extends dependent tuition benefits to employees with completion of six years of continuous employment in a benefits-eligible position at Carleton.  The benefit covers legal children, age 26 years or less as of September 1 in any given year, who attend accredited undergraduate college or universities to pursue their first degree.  The benefit is pro-rated (or scaled) for employees who work less than full time (1.0 FTE). The program offers three different options based on the institution the dependent attends:
  1. At Carleton, the benefit is one-half of Carleton’s tuition.
  2. At fully accredited, non-ACM colleges and universities other than Carleton, the benefit is the least of:
    • 50% of tuition due,
    • 33% of Carleton’s tuition; or
    • Tuition due minus tuition-based financial aid
  3. At an ACM Peer institution, the benefit is scaled based on employee FTE as follows:
    • 1.0 – .83 FTE = 80% of tuition due for 4 years,
    • .82 – .65 FTE = 80% of tuition due for 3 years,
    • .46 – .64 FTE = 80% of tuition due for 2 years; or
    • Employees with an FTE less than .83 may opt out of the ACM tuition program.

Employees who participate in the ACM Program are responsible for completing ACM related forms and paying a one-time ACM administration fee (currently $25).

The dependent tuition benefit does not apply to summer program courses, special programs, interest on loans or other special fees. The benefit will not exceed four regular academic years per child and a maximum of twelve regular academic years per eligible full-employee or the pro-rated equivalent for part-time employees using the ACM benefit; if both parents work at the college, the benefit will be shared. Tuition benefit payments will be made directly to the institution the student attends.