In response to the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraging supervisors to permit staff to work remotely as much as their job allows. Human Resources will be available to help supervisors and staff evaluate their remote work options.

Staff who plan to work remotely will need to complete Remote Work Agreement to familiarize themselves with the remote work data security requirements such as using our Virtual Private Network (VPN). There may be other technical requirements for remote work to be successful.

Due to the nature of their positions, some staff are not able to work remotely. However, having fewer regular staff on campus will help those staff maintain a ‘social distance’. We also encourage supervisors to consider schedule modifications to help reduce the number of individuals on campus at one time. 

Our goal is to be as flexible as possible for every one of you while maintaining Carleton’s essential services. 

Supervisors can refer to the COVID-19 Remote Work Guidelines for Staff when evaluating remote work options for staff. 

Video Conferencing

Carleton offers Zoom Pro licenses for faculty, students, and staff who require the ability to utilize video conferencing. For more information on how to set up a Zoom Pro account please visit the PEPS Event Support page. 

Additional Resources