A service the Human Resources office offers employees is a workstation analysis. An assessment of the employee’s workstation is done to ensure the individual is ergonomically situated.

If an employee has a history of medical issues or is currently treating for a condition, the Center for Sports Medicine and Rehab (CSMR) can assist in also reviewing the current workstation set-up. The current fee is approximately $100 and will be billed to the individual’s department budget. Karyn Jeffrey in Human Resources will coordinate the visit from CSMR.

During an assessment, ergonomic adjustments will be made to the current set-up and suggestions will be given for items that may need to be purchased. If ergonomic items are needed (ie. foot rest, wrist rest, keyboard tray, office equipment, etc.) they will be supported by the individual’s department office supply budget.

If the ergonomic item is determined to be needed for an ADAA medical accommodation (ie. sit/stand workstation or ergonomic office chair), then our facilities ergonomic budget would support this.

Contact Karyn Jeffrey, Associate Director, Human Resources (x4174) to make arrangements for an assessment or for any further questions.