Student Employment is overseen by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Visit the Student Employment website for job postings, policies and procedures, and training.

New Student Workers

Before starting your first student employment position at Carleton, your I-9 form and tax elections must be completed in Workday. No student is allowed to begin work, regardless of circumstances, until they have presented the required forms of identification in person to a staff member in Human Resources.

For questions, please contact Human Resources at (507) 222-4830.

I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification

You will complete the first portion of the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form as part of your onboarding tasks in Workday. The second portion of the form is completed when you present your original forms of identification in person at the Office of Human Resources. A list of acceptable forms of identification can be found on page three of the I-9 . Please note that if you do not choose to use documentation under List A you will need to provide a form of documentation from BOTH List B AND List C.

Only original documents can be accepted. Photocopies, scanned copies, photos on your phone, and faxes of any documents are not allowed.

If you are a nonresident alien authorized to work while in school, you will need your I-94 admission number. See the I-94 admission form.


All employees are required by the Internal Revenue Service to complete both a Federal and Minnesota W-4 form. The W-4 forms will be completed as part of your onboarding tasks in Workday. Tax elections must be completed in order to determine the correct amount of tax withholding from your pay. If you claim “Exempt” from tax withholding, you must also complete a Minnesota W-4 to claim the exemption from state income tax.

All student wages are taxable income, whether paid to you or credited to your tuition account, and will be reported on your W-2 Form and the end of each calendar year. This includes both federal and state taxes.

Payroll Information

Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction Form: You have a choice of having your work earnings electronically deposited into a U.S. checking or savings account, or applying it to your tuition account. Since Carleton College does not issue paper paychecks, all students therefore must have a domestic U.S. checking or savings account for direct deposit of payroll earnings.

Instructions can be found on the SEAMS website, under Workday for Students

Time Entry: You will record your time worked in Workday. PLEASE NOTE: Record your hours worked under the correct position in Workday. Students with multiple jobs will toggle between them to record time worked in each job. You are encouraged to use the Workday check-in/checkout option to record hours worked. Both you and your work supervisor must approve your time entry.

For additional questions regarding payroll, please contact the Payroll Office.

Healthcare Exchange Notification

All new student workers are required to receive notification of the Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options (Public Healthcare Exchanges).

Earned Sick and Safe Time

Effective January 1, 2024, Minnesota’s earned sick and safe time law (ESST) requires employers to provide paid leave to employees who work in the state. Student employees who work at least 80 hours in a fiscal year (July-June) are eligible for this new absence accrual.

Employers must provide each employee in Minnesota with one hour of ESST for every 30 hours worked, with the ability to accumulate at least 48 hours of ESST each year. Please view the ESST FAQs or the Earned Sick and Safe Time policy for additional information.

Additional Information

If you have questions regarding employment opportunities or position assignments, contact Student Employment. Questions regarding financial aid awards can be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid.