What is Kognito?

Using the latest principles (behind neuroscience, social cognition, and game mechanics), scientists, artists, and technologists have created simulated conversations with virtual humans where people learn, practice, and self-assess their ability to manage conversations.

This interactive 30-minute role-play simulation for faculty and staff builds understanding and appreciation for the challenges faced by LGBTQ students, and prepares you to lead real-life conversations with students to curtail harassment and support those who may be struggling as a result of bullying, isolation, or emotional distress.

Kognito Context & Purpose at Carleton

The LGBTQ population at Carleton College, like that of the nation at large, experiences higher levels of depression and anxiety. Specific data indicate that:

  • Students who self-identified as queer experienced depression at more than fives times the rate of heterosexual students (2015 CIRP Freshman Survey)
  • Those who identify as bisexual experience depression at four times the rate of heterosexual students.
  • In addition, gay, lesbian, and bisexual students reported that they had seriously considered suicide in the past year — four to five times the rate of heterosexual students (2015 CSHSR).

With these data in mind, Carleton is utilizing resources from our GLS Suicide Prevention Grant to implement a variety of strategies to improve skills in responding to students who hold LGBTQ identities and might experience higher levels of distress.

The Kognito program outlined on this page is specifically designed for faculty and staff in supporting students and creating an inclusive campus environment.

To Access Kognito

  1. Open a web browser (Chrome/Safari/Firefox).
  2. Enable Pop Ups on the browser.
  3. Go to the Kognito homepage.
  4. Using whichever email you prefer, create a login (email address) and password.
  5. Enter Carleton College’s enrollment key: cc17 (case sensitive — use lowercase letters).
  6. Once your account is created, you will be directed to another page.
  7. At this point, you might need to download Flash (follow the instructions on your device).
  8. Under Choose a Course, click the LGBTQ on Campus for Faculty & Staff.
  9. A pop-up window will appear and the training will begin. There will be a reminder to adjust the volume to your preference and/or add closed captioning.
  10. Before beginning the interactive training, you will be asked to complete a pre-training survey. This is not mandatory, but highly encouraged, as it provides useful information to Carleton and Kognito.
  11. Throughout the interactive training, you will be asked to click on definitions, persons, and phrases that will lead  to various situations. You will not be able to proceed through the training unless you choose an option when prompted.
  12. Once completed, under Choose a Course, find Download Certificate. We encourage you to download this certificate and place it in your office or door for display.
  13. Additionally, once you have completed the training you will be able to retake the training and receive an updated certificate.
  14. On the right side of the the pop-up window there will be a dropdown box labeled “toolkit.” Here you can find printable resources, including a glossary of terminology and printable summary of the training. Local Resources is a handout with Carleton-specific and national resources.