Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Program – Fall 2023

Carleton has partnered with Anne Phibbs, Founder and President of Strategic Diversity Initiatives to offer 3 training sessions that focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. You can choose which session(s) you would like to attend, you can chose 1 or all.

These sessions will be hybrid, which means you can choose to attend in person or by zoom. Information on how to register, location(s) and zoom link(s) will be available in the coming weeks.

Beyond Diversity 101: Micro-inequities, Implicit Bias, and Moving toward Equity – September 27, 2023

Many of us have been involved with diversity training that focuses on cultural difference and respecting all perspectives. While this is a good start, we cannot move toward true equity in our workplaces, organizations, and personal relationships until we address historical and institutional inequality. In order to address the myriad ways that certain people are marginalized based on social identities such as race, gender, disability, religion, class, sexual orientation, etc, every one of us needs to understand our own identities, how we all demonstrate bias that is often unconscious, and how we are all capable of moving toward equity.

Behind the Letters: Understanding LGBTQIA Identities – October 24, 2023

Diversity and inclusion efforts are increasingly addressing issues of gender identity and sexual orientation, requiring education around lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual identities and communities. In this workshop, we create opportunities to learn about the similarities and differences between these identities, how LGBTQIA individuals and communities are affected by stereotypes and bias, and what it means to be an ally around gender identity and sexual orientation.

Now More Than Ever: Why Leadership on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Requires Emotional Intelligence – November 9, 2023

For many who care about advancing equity and social justice in all areas of their lives, this past year has brought tremendous challenges. While U.S. society grows increasingly diverse and complex, our social and political discourse grows more polarized, less nuanced, and frighteningly hostile. Whether it’s another leader being accused of sexual harassment/assault, a new challenge to rights we thought secure, or the reemergence of organized white supremacy, we are living through a profound social and cultural moment. Continuing to build an inclusive and equitable society, in the face of so many challenges, will require not just allies and advocates, but leaders and risk-takers. And these leaders must come to the work prepared, not just intellectually but emotionally as well. In this practically-focused presentation, we will explore how the frame work of “emotional intelligence” has much to offer those of us doing the work of diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Trainer Bio

Anne Phibbs is Founder and President of Strategic Diversity Initiatives and has extensive experience in training, teaching, curriculum development, and training of trainers, delivering workshops and classes to participants in corporate, government, higher education, nonprofit, healthcare, and faith community settings. Anne served as Director of Education in the Office for Equity and Diversity at the University of Minnesota, where she built a successful diversity and inclusion leadership program with a focus on emotional intelligence (EQ). Anne is an EQ Practitioner certified in the EQ-i2.0 and EQ360 method. Anne earned her PhD in Philosophy and Feminist Studies from the University of Minnesota.

Leadership Essentials – FALL 2023 Dates TBD

Leadership Essentials training returned to Carleton in January 2023 after a hiatus during the pandemic. Leadership Essentials at Carleton is a program is built to help develop mid-level leaders on campus. The program started in 2011, and has been conducted five times. We have modified the series based on feedback from attendees and their supervisors.

This series is designed for a cohort of up to twenty-five participants, selected through a nomination process. Human Resources, in partnership with College Leadership, will review requests and nominations to select the final cohort. Information regarding session dates and times will be sent to those who are selected to attend.

Leadership on campus can take many forms, and we invite all staff to consider participating in a future cohort.

Leadership Essentials consists of six half-day sessions: five are led by an external partner, Bruce Roselle, PhD, and one is led by internal talent. The objective of each session is to provide perspective on a critical component of leadership. The sessions give participants the opportunity to look more deeply at themselves, to discuss a specific leadership component with others, and learn a new tool to use in becoming more effective at that leadership component. In February, participants complete a 360 degree assessment, after which, they are provided with individual coaching sessions with Bruce. In addition, Bruce sends monthly emails to the attendee’s supervisors so they are also able to help the attendee build and retain the skills taught in the course.

Requirements to Participate:

  • Must go through the nomination process – and yes, you can nominate yourself!
  • Must have worked at Carleton for at least 1 year
  • Have not already completed this program

Please feel free to reach out to Human Resources by email: hr@carleton.edu

Session 1 – TBD: Managing Crucial Conversations

In order to communicate effectively, leaders must listen at a deeper level and understand the importance of managing the tone of your message. In this module, participants will learn tools to manage the flow of a conversation and communication techniques that soften the bluntness of their opinion as well as providing a vehicle for directly stating one’s feelings and beliefs. 

Session 2 – TBD: Conflict Resolution & Creating Effective Teams

Conflict Resolution:  Discusses several different approaches to conflict and participants will gain tools to give them a framework for working through conflict to a successful conclusion. 

Creating Effective Teams: Teams tend to function at a high level of effectiveness and satisfaction when members feel a sense of shared ownership and common purpose, a belief that their ideas are valued along with those of their teammates, and optimism that their input will be used in making decisions. Participants learn the components that create highly effective teams. 

Session 3 – TBD: Embracing Feedback, Managing Fear

It is critical to develop a mindset in which managers continually look for ways to grow, to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  People tend to ignore or minimize feedback when they are too afraid to hear the message.  This module helps participants uncover their irrational fears and faulty beliefs and see how these become obstacles to their own growth and effectiveness. 

Session 4 – TBD: Resource Management to Achieve Results & Creative Thinking

Resource Management to Achieve Results: Leading effectively means being efficient with time and resources. Participants learn how to use a delegation tool to recognize the importance of looking for tasks that are appropriate for others to handle, to fully consider whether it is critical for them to handle the task, and to think about the time sensitivity of tasks.

Creative Thinking:  An organization is creative when its employees do something new and useful without being directed to do so, the results of which are improvements and innovations.  In this session, participants are introduced to three approaches to creative problem solving to help them work more creatively with their teams. 

Session 5 – TBD: Motivation and Problem Solving & Coaching Others

Motivation and problem solving: A motivating vision and clear, open communication are components critical to achieving results in an optimistic, high quality and timely fashion. Participants will learn how to apply a problem-solving tool to use when people are somewhat de-motivated about a situation or just unsure how to get out of a spot where they feel stuck. 

Coaching Others: Participants will learn the most common strategies leaders use to create higher productivity. In this session, participants learn a model for cultivating their growth and development and practice a coaching discussion tool to help them give feedback and direction.

Session 6 – TBD: Employment Practices at Carleton & Graduation Celebration

  • 10am – 12pm: This module will be lead by the HR team and include a discussion of employment policies at Carleton along with general employment law information.
  • 12p – 1p: Lunch with President Byerly and Division Heads
  • 1p – 2p: Celebrate program completion and social time.