Driving Privileges

In order to protect the well-being of its students, staff, faculty, and the public, and to comply with insurance company requirements, the College will conduct driver’s record checks on students and employees who drive vehicles in the course of their jobs. The College has a responsibility to allow only individuals with driving records indicating a pattern of safe driving practices to operate Carleton owned or leased vehicles, golf carts, gators, or personal vehicles driven on behalf of the College.

Employees must be presently licensed to drive a vehicle in the United States and receive an “insurable” notice from the College and insurance company and complete Driver’s Safety Fundamentals before they may drive a Carleton owned or leased vehicle. Anyone who either wishes to or is required as part of their job to drive a College owned or leased vehicle must request insurance review by filling out a waiver allowing the College to review their Motor Vehicle Report.

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For more information about driving privileges please refer to the Campus Handbook.