Carleton is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package. If you have any questions about benefits, please contact Human Resources for assistance.

To participate in the college’s benefit programs you must be either a regular non-union employee with a (.46–1.0) FTE or a union employee with a (.50–1.0) FTE. 

When can employees enroll in benefits or make changes to their elections?

  • New Hire Benefit Enrollment: New hires have 31 days from their date of hire to make their benefit elections.
    • New Hires will automatically be enrolled into the Group Life and Mandatory Retirement (Defined contribution or Pension) plan.
    • Benefits Enrollment (Workday): Your login is the same as your Carleton network username and password.
  • Annual Open Enrollment: Employees are allowed to make benefit plan election changes one time per year for the next calendar. Open enrollment typically occurs late October into November.
  • Mid Year Qualifying Life Event: Employees who experience a qualifying life event that meets the IRS definitions may make benefit changes mid year.
    • The changes need to be made (in Workday) within 31 days of the effective date of change.
    • Additional details regarding Mid Year Qualifying Life Event.

When are benefits effective?

  • Health Benefits are effective on the first of the month following the start date of employment. If the start date occurs on the first day of the month, benefits will be effective immediately.
  • Time off benefits start accruing on the first day of employment, accruals are pro-rated to the FTE.
    • Union employees must refer to the Union contract regarding effective dates for their time off accrual plans.

Benefit Summaries

2024 Health, Dental & Vision Premiums