Use Search for Courses (Real Time) to search for up-to-the-date information on one or more courses that meet your search requirements. You need only enter the information you wish to search by, but you must select a term in the top box and indicate at least one other selection criterion.

For example, if you are interested in finding out what sections are available for Chemistry 120 as well as what Physics courses are being offered at the 200 level; you would first select the term for which you are interested using the drop-down list box. (Note that term is a required field.) You would then select Chemistry in the Subject field of the next table using the drop-down list box and enter 120 in the Course Number field. You would then move to the following table and select Physics in the Subjects field and 200 level in the Course Levels field using the drop-down list boxes. When you click Submit , the system will display all the available sections of Chemistry 120 and all 200 level Physics courses being offered for the term you indicated. When the list of sections is long, a portion of the list will appear and additional pages can be accessed via the page buttons at the bottom of the screen. When using Course Levels make sure that you have reviewed all of the options in the drop down box. For example, if you are looking for labs that are numbered in the 100s you do not want to choose 100 level but rather one of the lab options. 

You may fill out any combination of search fields that make sense. If you select courses that meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday after 2:00pm and before 4:00pm, the system will return all courses that fit these criteria. If you enter a word, such as Accounting, in the search field called Course Title Keyword(s), the system will display all courses in which the word Accounting appears in the title. You should use as many search criteria as you know to ensure that you don’t have to scan through multiple pages to find the courses you are interested in. In addition, the narrower you make the search the faster the results can be obtained. In the example used above, if you knew the exact section number you wanted, you would enter that in addition to the subject and course number field (e.g., Chemistry 120 01).

For the Locations field and the Academic Level field you may only choose the search parameters available in the drop-down list box. In the Instructor’s Last Name field you should only enter the actual last name of the instructor without any prefix or suffix. For example, for an instructor whose full name is Dr. Ned Land III, you would enter Land rather than Dr. Land or Land III. If there were multiple instructors with the last name of Land, all courses with an instructor of that last name would be displayed, along with their full names.