The Preferred Sections or Register and Drop Sections screen can be accessed via these three links on the Registration page: Express Registration, Search and Register for Sections or Register for Previously Selected Sections. Click reload if the screen comes up blank.

The top part of the page lists your preferred sections (the sections you have already pre-selected via Search and Register for Sections or Express Registration) and the bottom part shows courses for which you are already registered. If you wish to register for a course in your preferred sections list, choose “Register” in the pull-down box. If you wish to waitlist a course, choose “Waitlist.” Click Submit.

If you are already enrolled in courses for the upcoming term, you may drop a course via this screen by checking the drop box next to the class in the registered sections portion of the page and clicking Submit.

This is an “all or nothing” page if you choose the “allow me to adjust all” drop-down box at the bottom of the page. All of the transactions you request must clear the process or none of them will. If you choose the “complete only available” drop-down option, partial transactions will be allowed. (Warning: this means you could be dropped from a course even if the course you wanted to add in its place is closed.) It’s typically best not to try to do too many transactions at once.

Note meeting times as you make your choices; time conflicts will not be allowed. If you have made arrangements with your instructors to register for conflicting courses, see the Registrar’s Office to complete this portion of your registration.

If you wish to elect the S/CR/NC grading option for one of your courses, you must complete and submit the proper form, with required signatures, to the Registrar’s Office. Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office. The S/CR/NC deadline is published in the Schedule of Classes and on the Registrar’s Web site under the current Academic Calendar.