The Religious Preferences form is used for research purposes and by the College Chaplain.  The Chaplain’s Office provides information to corresponding local and campus religious groups.  It is not released to any other person or group.

Question 1:  If you are interested in receiving the Chapel newsletter each term and a weekly email about upcoming services and events, choose yes. Your name will be added to the Chapel Mailing List.

Question 2:  If you are interested in receiving more specific information and notices about your particular preferred religion(s), please choose yes. Your name will be given to the religious group(s) you choose. 

Religious Preferences:  Choose up to three religious preferences/affiliations. This data will only be used for research purposes unless you have chosen ‘yes’ for the above questions.   

You can edit the information on this form at any time.  If you want to change your religious preferences or mailing list options, please visit The Hub to make your changes.