Parent/Guest access to student information on The Hub is granted and maintained entirely by individual students, using the Grant Hub Access for Parent/Guest page. Students are responsible for providing their Parent/Guest with the correct User Name and Password (and resetting their password if they forget it).

We recommend creating and granting separate accounts for each Parent/Guest. Siblings will have to set up separate accounts with unique User Names for each student, but they can assign the same passwords if they wish.

Students should review the Access Level Descriptions on the Parent/Guest Access form to ensure they understand the level of access assigned to each account.  Students can change the Access Level at any time.

When students create or change an account, they will receive an e-mail confirmation. For security reasons, this e-mail WILL NOT contain the password assigned by the student. Students can forward this e-mail confirmation to their Parent/Guest, but will need to communicate the password separately.

By creating accounts and communicating the User Name and Password to the Parent/Guest, students are authorizing Parents/Guests to access the designated portions of their records.