Progress Toward Degree allows you to see an evaluation of a student’s or applicant’s progress in satisfying the requirements of an academic program. You might be using this form if you are:

  • A student interested in checking your own progress.
  • An applicant whose transfer work has been recorded by the institution. You can see how this transfer work applies to an academic program.
  • A faculty advisor who wants to check the status of one of your advisees.

From this form, choose one of the following:

  • Select one of the current active programs by clicking in the Choose One column in front of the program you want, or
  • Do a “what-if” evaluation by selecting another program, offered by your institution, that the student or applicant is considering. With this evaluation you can determine to what extent the student or applicant has already satisfied the requirements of the program.
  • The only inclusions option available currently is “all (includes planned)”.

After selecting a program and the “all” include option, click Submit.

Status codes for requirements are defined in the area immediately preceding the General Requirements section. Footnote codes are defined at the end of the report. If you have questions about how to interpret your degree audit, contact the Registrar’s Office at X4291.

Each program may have qualifying criteria that must be met before the student may enter the program. Selecting and evaluating a “what-if” program does not indicate whether the student meets the entry criteria for that program. Students will need to check this with their advisors.

Also, a student may have received waivers or substitutions for the requirements of a particular program. Waivers and substitutions are granted on a per-program basis. If you choose to perform a “what if” evaluation, any exceptions that were granted under the student’s current program(s) will not appear on this trial evaluation. If the student decides to change a program, the student will need to work with the advisor to determine which exceptions also apply to the new program.