2019–2020 History SDAs

  • SDAs are Senior volunteers selected by the History Department and the Office of the Dean of the College.
  • They are chosen for easy approachability — please do not hesitate to contact them!
  • They serve as a resource for all current students, especially new students, who want to talk to knowledgable and experienced upper class students about courses and registration.
  • They have general information about College academic policies and procedures, but are particularly knowledgeable about courses, sequences, and requirements in the History department. They are available to answer any department questions and supplement advice available through faculty advisers and published materials.
  • They can refer you to the proper person, office, or department for additional help.
  • In the History Department, SDAs are also Student Departmental Ambassadors who escort lecturers and job candidates to lunches and campus tours.

Many group activities are possible!

The History Department welcomes suggestions from all majors for field trips or other fun activities you might like to do with other History majors – some past History majors’ activities have included a History trivia night at a local pub, field trips to history museums, vintage film nights with refreshments, bowling outings, even a bus trip to a St Paul Saints baseball game!

Please tell one of the SDAs or to the History department administrative assistant the idea you want to see happen. We can give you email lists, provide modest funding, and reserve rooms, vans, or buses.

What History SDAs also do:

  1. Meet RAs during New Student Week to help first-year students register.
  2. Table during New Student Week/Registration Fair in the Fall.
  3. Fall term, meet and talk to History 100 classes.
  4. Post links of interest, add SDA, special office hour postings, and any other major info in the History Department newsletter.
  5. Set special Pizza Office Hours before each term’s registration for q & a sessions about courses – come enjoy pizza and conversation!
  6. Organize annual T-shirt competition, collect votes for winning design, request and receive e-mail order requests, collect payments, order t-shirts, and distribute them (History office helps with these things).

Special History SDA Annual Events for 2019-20:

  • Fall term: Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 5:30 pm, Annual History & Tamale Night, History major Interest Meeting with tamales, all class years are invited, including first-year students!
  • Winter term: Monday, February 3, 2020, 7:30 p.m. Winter History Interest Library Study Break, History major interest meeting with refreshments (Library Athenaeum, pending), all class years are invited, including first-year students!
  • Spring term: Tuesday, April 21, 2020, History Lounge, 5 p.m.: Welcome New History Sophomores and Majors’ Pizza Party!  Meet in History lounge, Leighton 204, for Annual SDA-led Walk to Basil’s – ALL History majors are invited!

For additional course and faculty info, please also contact our History Department Curriculum Committee (DCC) Reps!