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American, African American, and Native American History

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The Atlantic World

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Cartography, Geography

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European History

  • The Esternay Project Archive – Directed by Professors Carl Weiner, Scott Carpenter and Daniel Ringrose, the current site’s 800 plus transcribed letters and hundreds of scanned originals and translations centers on three generations of the Poirrier family of notaries in the town of Esternay not far from Paris providing a window into the personal and public lives of French men, women and children in the nineteenth-century

British History


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African History

  • African Studies Centre, University of Oxford
  • African Studies The Norwegian Council for Africa
  • The South African Democracy Education Trust (SADET) with weblinks to the South African Archives, the Archival Project at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden, German anti-apartheid activities, Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa, The American Committee on Africa (ACOA), and the South African and Cooperation Center
  • South African Second Boer War 1899-1902 – links to Anglo-Boer War Centenary, War Museum, Concentration Camps, Military History Journal, Original and Contemporary Sources, Why Australia became involved, Siege of Elands River Post, and more
  • SULAIR, Index of Africa, South of the Sahara, substantial list of U.S. and International Organizations and Programs, Stanford

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Central Asia – see Middle East and Central Asia

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Asian History

General Asian History (East, Central, South)

Asia for Educators, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University: includes timelines and histories of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and South Asia for students and educators

Asian Studies Bibliography – excellent resource from the Association for Asian Studies. Includes 870,000+ citations that can be searched within seconds, easily downloaded and printed; state-of-the-art discovery system with simplified searching and facet-based browsing; and over 400,000 citations from 1992 to the present, plus full content of the annual printed Bibliography of Asian Studies from 1971–1991.

Asian History Timeline

Asian History and Culture


AsiaRecipe.com (just for fun)

Asian Studies – WWW Virtual Library

Association for Asian Studies: Publications

Castles in Asia: World’s Most Famous Medieval Castles in the Middle East and Asia

Central Asia – Russia

Center for Middle East Studies Studies, U. Wisconsin, Madison



Primary Sources in Asian History, Bowdoin


East Asian




  • Documenting the Southeast Asian American Experience:  SEAAdoc. The University of California has initiated what has become the single best archival collection on Southeast Asian refugees and their descendants in the US with the Southeast Asia Archive. Some of their material is available here. There are brief overviews of the six main Southeast Asian ethnic groups: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Hmong, Iu-Mien, and ethnic Chinese. These visuals are comprised of color photographs and primary documents, but there is an absence of links to contextual information which limits use for the general public. However, users can obtain instant images of significant historical events and social landmarks in various Southeast Asian American communities, and the site is recommended for all levels and libraries.

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South Asian History

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Latin American History

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Environment, Science, Technology and Health History

Medieval History

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Middle East and Central Asia

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Women’s and Gender Studies

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Public History / Digital History / Digital Humanities

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Other History Internet Resources

  • Film History: Archiving the Avant-garde, article w/ film history links
  • Digital archive of the Princeton Blue Mountain project. This collection contains fully searchable issues of important periodicals of the European avant-garde. This collection contains 3,748 issues comprising 80,997 pages and 86,126 articles.

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History Fun, Games, and Prizes

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