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Bee Candelaria Timeline of Prehistoric Peoples of Minnesota

The region now known as Rice County has supported human settlements for the past 13,000 years. However, little material record remains from the earliest inhabitants of this area. Furthermore, the native populations of Minnesota have suffered from centuries of violence at the hands of European settlers. Colonialism has done much to destroy ancient oral histories of our region. This timeline examines the history of some of the earliest inhabitants of Rice County in one of the ways that we are able – through the archaeological record. The Rice County Historical Society has 575 projectile points (such as arrowheads and spear tips) that have been categorized as belonging to prehistoric indigenous peoples. This timeline is an effort to honor these people by looking beyond the form and type of the projectiles to try to better understand who the people were who crafted these objects.

Fall 2020, Hist 200: Historians for Hire Online Project

Fall 2020: Tony Adler, Hist 200 class members KatieRose Kimball, Sasha Mothershead, and Lea Winston: 1918-1920 Timeline – Northfield Influenza Epidemic have been working with the Northfield Historical Society to document the effects of the 1918 influenza on the Northfield Community for their class project. Their timeline covers the trajectory of the 1918-1920 influenza epidemic in Northfield that caused the closure of public spaces like schools and movie theaters and the deaths of local residents, and many other parallels with 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that The Northfield News, Manitou Messenger, Carleton College Digital Archives, and Northfield History Collaborative are accessible online by any Carleton user.

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